Monday, 2 April 2012

Shelter 77

My final year project is all coming together with only 5 or so weeks to go.
Here are some on my photos on my model. Now I have to builded a 1 to 1 scale.

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Documenting my thesis

My work explores design in outdoor space, the opportunity for learning in an outdoor environment and design for disability. Design for disability is often an add-on with emphasis on barrier free design. My approach is empathetic design. Connectedness with our environment and especially green space has been shown conclusively to increase health and well being. Everyone should have access to good green space. Research into innovative education has realised the value of informal outdoor learning. Education in outdoor setting is beneficial to motivate young people and can provide routes back into education.

The outdoor shelter is for the Glasgow Disabled Scouts at Auchengillan Outdoor Centre. 77th Glasgow Disabled Scouts is a scout group, which provides adventure, and personal development for boys aged 8 to 25 with physical and life limiting conditions. The shelter will allow outdoor activities to take place in bad weather. Team work and practical skills are central to scouting. Shelter 77 will allow its users to connect with nature in a safe environment. The shelter will be easy to construct and deconstruct and is adaptable. The Scouts and leaders have been engaged in the design process.

Diversity is a natural condition and designers have to welcome and embrace diversity. Professor J. Bickenback from the Canadian Centre for Disability, Law and Policy says, "Disability can be considered a fluid and continuous condition which has no boundaries but which is in fact, the essence of the human condition. Disability is something which will is experienced by us all at some stage in our lives. Disability is actually normal". The temporary nature of Shelter 77 allows for a wide variety of uses. Festivals, team building exercises and emergency shelters could be future uses for Shelter 77.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

What was happening last week in your local recycling unit?

What was happening last week in your local recycling unit? Perth recycling unit was on fire while Tayside Recyclers was ‘hot’ with creativity.

4th year Interior and Environmental design students from Duncan of Jordanstone hosted a mid-term exhibition of their work entitled ‘ The making of…’ One of the organisers said, “the idea of the exhibition was inspired by a similar event visited by the students in Magdeburg, Germany in 2011. We were extremely keen to host this event to raise awareness of what our course entails”. (

Tayside Recyclers is an environmental charity who challenge us to considered ‘how we as human beings dispose of our waste. This has become increasingly important. By following the reduce, reuse and recycling motto our impact on the environment can be greatly reduced.’

The event showcased the experimental, creative and indeed the best side of studying Interior and Environmental Design in Dundee. The exhibition was followed by a party hosted by local DJ’s with food by GuidGrub (

The organisers said ‘the hard work paid off and over £1000 was raised towards our degree show.’

The organisers were Michael Beach, Charles Stewart, Gillian Berry,Gary Gourlay and Amy Joe Fitzpatrick

Where have Charles been?

Where have the last 6 months gone? No blogs posted since summer 2011from London. Ok, quick re-cap since then…

  • Said farewell to new friends in London and big bro’ for 6 months.
  • Joined the Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh.
  • Start 4th and final year at Dundee University.
  • 5 days work experience as a Design and Technology teacher in Dundee schools. (I want to be a Teacher)
  • Completed and handed in dissertation – Whew!
  • Two weekend camps with the 77th Glasgow Disabled Scouts as a leader.
  • Christmas on the Solway Coast
  • New Year on the slopes of Sweden with amazing apr├Ęs ski.
  • Interview at Cambridge University for PGCE (unsuccessful)

So that is me up to date.