Thursday, 14 January 2010

Edinburgh Culture

Back in Edinburgh to see in the New Year with friends. Once all the snow had fallen I decided to start 2010 with some culture. My favourite gallery ‘The Gallery of Morden Art’ was covered in snow, making Charles Jencks Landform look other worldly. I have never seen it like this before, it was beautiful.

‘Everything is going to be alright’ is in fluorescent lights on the front of the building. This is to promote the current exhibition, ‘ What you see is where you’re at.’ This is a celebration of 50 years of the gallery.

The display will reveal the richness and range of the Collection in a series of rooms which aim to delight and surprise.’

I have seen some of these exhibits before but re-hung they took on a new meaning for me. ‘ Nightscape’ by Louise Nevelson is a 3 dimensional piece made up of wooden boxes assembled to reflect the New York nightscape. At first glance if looked a bit random but on reading the description it all made sense and when viewed from a distance I was drawn into it, wanting to touch it. The imagery of a city developing randomly with new and old buildings side by side and the evolutionary nature of a city, old building coming down and new building being built.

Hamish Fulton’s framed poster type text ‘ No talking for Seven Days’ had a big impact on me. It was hung in a prominent place; although very simple it told a story of a journey that a photograph or painting of the remoteness of the Cairngorms could not have told.

The Dean Gallery is exhibiting the BP portrait award 2009. These are the work of amateur artists from all over the world. This is a highly reknowned portrait competition. There were 1900 entries and 56 were selected. The quality is outstanding and some are very realistic and have a photographic quality, but also capturing the essence of the subject perhaps in youth or old age.

A cultural trip is never complete without a trip to Harvey Nichols not for shopping but to look at their window displays. They are in the process of changing their displays. Spiraling wood structure from floor to ceiling of the 4th floor but as yet unfinished made quite an impact. I think the power tools on the floor were not part of the display but you never know! I will revisit to see the finished outcome.

The Portal eco- shop, St Mary’s Street was closed but I had a nice browse in the design shop in Jeffery Street. Here they had great designs – cool chairs, hot lights, quirky dishes and funky cushions. When I am rich I’ll shop here.

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