Monday, 22 February 2010

Assignment Two (Part 2 of 4) – Talk To People

For the first part of assignment two I asked people to look at the three images (Assignment Two - Select Random Images) . Asked them to make up a story connecting them in any order they like. Here are my results:

1. Male, Age 21, Art Student.
Gypsy travel to the remote island. When they get there they can’t believe that all tigers on the island are carry guns.

2. Female, Age 21, Criminology Student.
We all live on an island and out of the blue we all have been kidnapped by tigers how all have guns.

3. Male, Age 21, AutoCAD Student.
A group to male gun carrying hunters traveled on a boat to an island. They are planning on hunting the tigers to make a rug from it, to make money.

4. Female, Age 20, Art Student.
People went to a dessert island on holiday to shot some lovely looking tigers.

5. Male, Age 19, Art Student.
A traveler shot himself on his island holiday. A few days later a tiger was really hungry and eat the dead body for a meal.

6. Female, Age 20, Speech and Language Therapy Student
There is a tiger that escaped on an island and the police looking for it where carrying dart guns, ready to tranquilize the beast.

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