Monday, 22 February 2010

Assignment Two (Part 3 of 4): Fourth Image

For this part of the assignment I had to select a story from before for our target story. I then looked for another image to add, to influence the people I ask to come up with the same or a similar story. Here are my results:

1. Female, Age 20, Politics Student
A family got trapped on a desert island all by themselves, but they found a gun, which they used to kill a tiger for their evening meal.

2. Female, Age 20, English Student.
There was a family who had taken a holiday on a remote island and were sun bathing on the beach when the little girl screamed and as her dad turned to look, he saw the stripes of a tiger. There was only one thing to do ... get his family inside, grab his gun and return to the beach...

3. Male, Age 21, Geography Student
Ina magical universe far away, gun where human in a fight to inhabit all exhuman islands. Another prime predator living on these island where tigers, guns and tigers where not friend. A family by the name of the Matthew’s invaded this paradise, which caused a rufus. This angered the tigers and created an all out war. Noticing this, the guns which there previously enslaved my humans decided to fight on the tigers sided. Human where then banished from the island and all the surrounding islands.

4. Male, Age 19, Art Student
There was a family on a boat transporting tigers to a zoo. But on the way there they get shipwrecked and end up on a desert island, where they have to shoot the wild animals to stay alive.

With the fourth image all the stories are similar, apart from some had a happy ending or a sad ending.

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