Thursday, 28 October 2010


Seven Design Schools (all different European Countries) One Brief, hundreds of different concepts = a competition.

With the theme being ‘Exhibit’, my group consisted of five people

Rachel (Sco)

Charles (Sco)

Stephanie (Bel)

Cetien (Bel)

Rikkert (Bel)

A brainstorm was the first thing we did. Our re-occurring subject seemed to be the phrase ‘pop up’. This reminded us of our childhood, which made us think it was very childish. Following research we found that yes, the word pop up is childish but it can be done in a sophisticated way.

With this in mind it didn’t take long for us to come up with a brand, that we wanted to exhibit and sell - Oilily, a Dutch company, which makes clothes and accessories. It uses bright colour and a mix of different cultures.

After combining all these, we needed to present our mood board. It was inspired from a pop up book, where things sit in the foreground as well as slide.

We had a great response from the tutors, they said that it will be interesting to see where we take it next.

Next we had to come up with a design and concept. This was hard because we had to take our mood board and expand it further. Of course we had to remember our original goals. Weeks later we presented it.

As we are still working on this project, our final concept is not finished, but it will be a few weeks.

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