Friday, 22 October 2010

Interieur 2010, Kortrijk, Belgium

On Wednesday the 20th, the third year interior design department, Mechelen headed out to Kortrijk for the Interieur Expo 2010. This is thought to be the best design show in Europe. After an hour and a half on the buses, we finally arrived all fired up for an interesting day.

After seeing loads of things I liked and disliked, I have decided to give you the best and the worst of them all.

Starting with the one I like, it had to be the Fatboy exhibit. Fatboys are oversized beanbags, which can be made in any shape to fit you body. The exhibit had to be the most enjoyable and interesting. The layout contributed to this: it had a rotating platform on which it rotated 360 degrees. In the centre of this platform there was a tree, hanging from this was different shades of green small fatboys, which where made to look like leaves. At the back of this exhibition was where all the fatboy products were, from a fridge to a luggage bag.

The exhibit space I disliked the most had to be the company that designed shelving/storage. I felt that they were trying to modernize a concept that didn’t need changing. On top of that there was a storage unit, which was powered by electricity, to help open and close the cabinets. In my opinion, this was a luxury too far. Why waste power when it isn’t needed? This was obviously a luxury aimed at people who are very wealthy and who have large collections for display.

The craziest thing I saw the whole day had to be a large pink dog, which looked like a Chihuahua that was designed by Charles Kaisin. It was about the height of a three or four story building. It was completely made out of re–enforced cardboard and had two large projectors shining pink light over it. I had no idea what this had to do with an interior expo, but it was cool.

Overall I really enjoyed my day out to the interior exhibition. It was a great experience and one that I will not forget. The information I gathered will help me in my projects to come.

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